Great music needs patience. It demands faith when many doubt, commitment when many would just as soon move on to the next shiny, new thing. Great music requires nurturing and support, vulnerability and trust. Great music is hard work, toil in bedrooms, studios, and empty venues fueled by the hope that someday someone will give a fuck.

Bad Habit is the engine for giving a fuck. We're passionate and patient music lovers dedicated to enabling unique artists to share their stories. Wo don't care if a song sounds like a "hit" or what's currently on the radio. If it's real, and we love it, we’ll help bring it to the world.

We started Bad Habit to help artists we love blossom and find their voices. We're a nimble, modern organization that exists outside of the big buildings that chew up artists with tangled bureaucracy, but has the power to plug in when we need to accelerate things. We like to play where real music lives—in studios and record stores, small venues and street corners. 

We're here to cultivate a new generation of timeless voices. Building lasting artists is tireless work, but it's our mission. 







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